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Felix Baumgartner by Javier González Pacheco 

Excellent tips on how to future-proof your life!  

A compilation of some very sound and strategic advice on how to make a lasting impact in today’s world.  

First the first time ever, there will be four generations working together in an office.  How will you manage?   

How Will You Manage? (by kronosinc)

An excellent and succinct overview of change management and how to do it right.  

What is “CHANGE MANAGEMENT”? (by gavinwedell)

1. The value of time.

2. The success of perseverance.

3. The pleasure of working.

4. The dignity of simplicity.

5. The worth of character.

6. The power of kindness.

7. The influence of example.

8. The obligation of duty.

9. The wisdom of economy.

10. The virtue of patience.

11. The improvement of talent.

12. The joy of originating.

Marshall Field


Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back, a new book by PopTech Executive Director Andrew Zolli, is available today!

After three years of work, Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back, which PopTech Executive Director and Curator Andrew Zolli co-authored with Ann Marie Healy, was published today by Free Press. The book explores a new framework for understanding change: resilience — why some systems, people, organizations and ecosystems are able to persist, and even thrive, amidst disruption. Zolli elaborates:

We live in this world that has been dominated by shocks and surprises….How do we deal with that kind of world? That question has driven a new conversation about resilience. It’s a conversation about how to build organizations and communities and nations and indviduals that can maintain their core purpose with integrity under the widest variety of circumstances and can deal with disruption no matter what it looks like.

For a visual explanation of a few themes covered inResilience, have a look at the book’s trailer.

To learn more, check out the book’s site or this great review by Morgan Clendaniel on Fast Co.Exist.

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Imagine Leadership | By XPLANE & Nitin Nohria (by xplanevisualthinking)

Personal leadership + planetary leadership = a future worth living for.  Are you willing to lead?